Dedusting Systems

Flex Clean India has acquired proficiency in providing best De-dusting plants for following applications:

  • De-dusting system for Nuisance area dust collection in Cooler de-dusting, Separator dust collection, Crusher, Screen, Silo, Cement Packing, Clinker Stock pile areas.
  • De-dusting system in Sponge Iron raw material handling & Sponge Iron feeding areas.
  • De-dusting system in Foundry Shake out and sand blasting plants.
  • De-dusting system in Steel Plant in the areas of Raw Material handling, Lime Calcination plants (LCP), Mixer ventilation areas.
  • De-dusting system in Vertical Shaft Lime kiln area.
  • De-dusting system in Ore grinding like Ilmenite, Dead Burnt Magnesite kilns.
  • De-dusting system in a Ferro Alloy plants
  • De-dusting system in Aluminum and Copper refining plants.
  • De-dusting system on a Asphalt Mix Plant.
  • Any special De-dusting system in any kind of industry.
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