Minerals (Cement/Lime)

  1. Cement Kiln Dedusting filters
  2. Coal Mill Dedusitng filters, upgrades & Services
  3. Cement Mill De-dusting Filters, upgrades and services
  4. Lime Kiln de-dusting plants
  5. Rock grinding and crushing plant - Dedusting systems
  6. Capacity upgrades of Bag Houses/Filters in Cement and Lime plants
  7. Nuisance area de-dusting systems in Cement, Lime other plants.
  8. PTFE membrane technologies for capacity enhancement with minimum modifications with outlet emissions as low as 5mg/Nm3
  9. Capsule Type Filter units for existing Filter Unit Upgrades
  10. Electro Static Precipitators - efficiency improvements, upgrades and conversions to Bag House
  11. ID Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Blower Units for increased efficiencies
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